Security Advisory 2023-066

Release Date:

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Zero-Day Vulnerability



  • 13/09/2023 --- v1.0 -- Initial publication
  • 14/09/2023 --- v1.1 -- Additional information related to impacted browsers


On September 12, 2023, Mozilla released an emergency security update that addresses a zero-day vulnerability, which has been exploited in the wild. The vulnerability impacts its Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client and is being tracked as CVE-2023-4863. The issue is being exploited in the wild [1].

[Update] Please note that this vulnerability also impacts other browsers and any software that uses the affected libwebp library. CERT-EU strongly advises users to promptly update to the fixed versions for all affected software.

Technical Details

The vulnerability is caused by a heap buffer overflow in the WebP code library (libwebp). This flaw allows for arbitrary code execution or can cause the browser to crash.

The CVSS score for other related vulnerabilities is between 8.8 and 9.6, indicating a critical level of severity [1].

[Update] Affected Products

  • The following Mozilla products are affected from this flaw:
    • Firefox versions prior to 117.0.1
    • Firefox ESR versions prior to 115.2.1
    • Firefox ESR versions prior to 102.15.1
    • Thunderbird versions prior to 102.15.1
    • Thunderbird versions prior to 115.2.2
  • Any software that uses the libwebp library (e.g. Signal, Telegram, 1Password for Mac, and many Android applications).

[Update] Recommendations

It is strongly advised to update to the fixed versions, if a patch is available.

  • For Mozilla:
    • Firefox 117.0.1
    • Firefox ESR 115.2.1
    • Firefox ESR 102.15.1
    • Thunderbird 102.15.1
    • Thunderbird 115.2.2
  • For any other software affected from this vulnerability, apply the fixes when they become available.



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