Security advisories

Our security advisories focus on major vulnerabilities and aim at preventing breaches and compromises. They contain actionable, technical recommendations to patch and mitigate said vulnerabilities.

Please note that we use Human Judgmentâ„¢ and Human Expertiseâ„¢ to weed through the vulnerabilities that keep popping up on our radar and to select those we deem important. No animal or AI is used or harmed in the process.

Security guidance

We regularly produce security guidance documents to provide clear, pragmatic recommendations on several cybersecurity topics of interest to our constituents.

Since some of those documents could also be of interest to the larger public, we wash them with TLP:WHITE bleach if necessary before publishing them.

Threat intelligence

Operating a fusion centre for almost a decade, our threat intelligence shamans keep a very close eye on the threat landscape and create a wide range of products, as to maintain as comprehensive a situational awareness as possible for our constituents, which work in all the sectors you could imagine.

Being of the generous kind, we publicly share cyber briefs, the executive summaries of our quarterly threat landscape reports, yearly reports and other documents. Enjoy!

Threat Landscape Report - The 10 Years Edition

In 2011 two things happened: CERT-EU was born and RSA, a renowned cybersecurity vendor, was hacked.

If history is a great teacher, then we should definitely look back at the major cyber events that made the headlines in the ten years since 2011, since we were created ...

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