Security Advisory 2023-030

Release Date:

Sysmon - Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability



  • 15/05/2023 --- v1.0 -- Initial publication


On May 9, 2023, Microsoft disclosed the existence of a Local Privilege Escalation vulnerability in Sysmon. It is identified as CVE-2023-29343 and could allow an attacker to gain SYSTEM privileges with low attack complexity and without any interaction from a user.

Microsoft currently assesses that the likelihood of exploitation is low due to the lack of a publicly available Proof of Concept exploit, however, it is strongly recommended to update to the latest available Sysmon version [1,2].

Technical Detail

As of the time of writing this advisory, the technical details of this flaw are unknown and an exploit is not yet available.

Products Affected

The vulnerability affects Sysmon products prior to version 14.16.


It is highly recommended to update to Sysmon version 14.16.




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