Security Advisory 2023-013

Release Date:

Critical SQL injection vulnerabilities in MISP



  • 21/02/2023 --- v1.0 -- Initial publication


On February 20, 2023, the MISP project team released advisories regarding 2 critical SQL injection vulnerabilities in MISP Threat Intelligence and Sharing Platform [1]. The team decided to follow a silent fix procedure, releasing several updates in November and December 2022, giving enough time to users to update their instances to a safe version.

Technical Details


The MISP platform allowed users to provide custom field ordering for certain endpoints such as RestSearch. These ordering were set using URL parameters in the format of /order:field_name. However, the order parameter of the CakePHP find() function is not SQLi safe and thus, the MISP project team has introduced field allow-listing for any occurrence of custom order fields. Any sorting relying on /sort:field_name/direction:asc|desc is unaffected and safe [2].


The CRUD component of the MISP platform would allow for custom search parameters to be passed - and whilst the lookup values are SQLi safe and properly sanitised, the field names themselves are not. With some clever forged requests, these can be abused [2].

Affected Products

CVE-2022-48329 [2]:

  • MISP before v2.4.166;

CVE-2022-48328 [2]:

  • MISP before v2.4.167;


As the project team released the version 2.4.167 on December 22, 2022, most of the MISP instances should be safe already. Nevertheless, CERT-EU recommends checking running MISP instance versions, and updating MISP Threat Intelligence and Sharing Platform to the latest version, when applicable, as soon as possible.




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